Upcoming Runs

  To receive an electronic version of the  LH3 TRASH e-mail Bugsy    libby25@bigpond.net.au

Run Information and Receding Hare Line 

LH3 is a Male only club -Visiting Females welcome.

Runs are held weekly on
Tuesday night commencing at 6:30 Pm
Run only $5.00

Mid strength  XXXX barrel beer $10.00

Mid strength XXXX barrel beer $15.00

Drivers light/heavy $10.00
 Gas Barbecue provided 
all year round

 BYO meat bread etc.

 BYO       “GRAIL”

Occasionally there is a pub run, on these nights purchase drinks and food at bar prices.

Tuesday 9th April 171 Invermay Rd Launceston


More Hares required see the Trail Master before he volunteers you to set a run.


Trail Master

Fingers    Ph.0409441322

Thumbs Hash Hops 0418127965
Bugsy Web Master 0429932288;
Boong G.M  0408148054